Buttered Chicken recipe

There’s something about Indian food that tingles my taste buds. Over the past few months I can’t seem to get enough of it . Here is a simple way to make butter chicken with little to no ingredients.

Prep Time 15-30 minutes

Difficulty level : Simple



  1. 1 tbsp Tandoori Masaala
  2. 1 tbsp Garam Masaala
  3. 1 chopped garlic (optional)
  4. 1 tsp cayenne pepper
  5. 2 bay leaves
  6. 1/2 a kg boneless chicken breast diced in small propotions
  7. 1 cup onions
  8. 3 tbsp butter
  9. 1 cup plain natural yogurt (use heavy cream if not available)

Step 1

Into a mixing bowl add tandoori, garam masaala, garlic, cayenne, yogurt, salt and chicken. Ensure you mix them thoroughly and refrigerate for 30 minutes to an hour or two.

Step 2

On your sauce pan add butter and the marrianated mix above. cook for 15-30 min over low heat.

Serve with buttered naan , rice or potatoes .

simple butter chicken served with rice

simple butter chicken served with rice

Nakuru Travel Guide

When it comes to lakes in Kenya I have to admit Lake Nakuru takes the cake. Located just before the city the lake is surrounded by the Lake Nakuru National Park which is well known for its population of 300+ Buffalos and  Impalas. It is ranked as a top ten destination in Kenya and rarely fails to live up to its Hype.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts when in Nakuru

1.Airbnb all the way 

Sample airbnb apartment in Nakuru for as little as USD 11 (ksh 1100)

Sample airbnb apartment in Nakuru for as little as USD 11 (ksh 1100)

Nakuru is a developing town meaning if you have to pay more than ksh 5000(USD 45) you’ve already spent two much money. Airbnb on the othe hand offers cheap, clean accommodation that ranges from ksh 1000 to ksh 3500 (USD 10 to 35). So if you have no intention of spending too much this is the best option.




  1. Get a rental for the day if you don’t have a car

As stated above Nakuru is a developing town hence the need to cut cost grows with every visit. Its impossible to enter the park on foot mainly because of the large numbers of wild animals you’ll meet in the park. So if your planning to visit and you do not have one you can rent one at a local dealership or take advantage of the half day rentals at www.pigiame.co.ke . Prices will range from KSH 1500-2500 for a five seater full day to over KSH 2000 depending on the number of seats.

  1. Park Entry Fees are Extremely High
A view of lake Nakuru A salt water lake located within the lake Nakuru park

A view of lake Nakuru A salt water lake located within the lake Nakuru park

When was the last time you paid USD 75 to enter anywhere other than a Justin Beiber concert. This place is Kenya’s most expensive park. It puts the famous Masaai Mara Serengeti to shame. Entry fees range for citizens are KSH 250 kids and KSH 1000 adults. For non-citizens USD 75 and USD 50 for kids. Apart from this there additional charges for guides and car entrance into the park. So if you’re a non-citizen it is advisable to not come with anything less than KSH 10,000.


  1. Go before Noon

If you really want to see lions it’s advisable to go before noon as the cats tend to hide before noon. Lake Nakuru National park has no elephants so it’s only fair to try and see the Lions. If you don’t succeed am sure the Rhinos and Buffalo will not disappoint.

  1. Ask to be taken to Baboon Cliff 

    Best cliff in Lake Nakuru. Full of baboons and picnic benches

    Best cliff in Lake Nakuru. Full of baboons and picnic benches

Unlike Nairobi national park there no spots to seat and eat from in the park but there no restrictions to having picnics inside the park. Baboon cliff has nice well done seats where you can seat down and enjoy a nice home cooked meal in full view of the lake. Since there no more flamingos it’s only advisable to enjoy the picnic area.




  1. Take Advantage of the local restaurants
Moca Loca resturant located in the heart of Nakuru Town

Moca Loca resturant located in the heart of Nakuru Town

Moca Loca is a restaurant within Nakuru town captured my heart. It is a restaurant by day and a club by night and definitely the biggest highlight of my trip. So if you’re not in a hurry to continue with your safari this is a must visit destination. It is a neat elegant place with simple friendly people that are not only easy to interact with but also willing to help. The food is cheap and delicious. They also have a well-stocked bar and a live band to compliment the delicious meals. This is a definite must visit destination.


  1. Don’t be scared to party

Unlike Nairobi Partying in Nakuru is extremely cheap with drinks for as little as ksh 180 -250. My top picks are:

  1. Moca Loca bar and bristo
  2. 64 club ensure you carry your ID here
  3. Las Vegas: The club with the cheapest and best shisha in the area
  4. Platinum 7D best club to close the night at as it is well situated and has all the things you need to nurse your hangovers. From food to late night snacks they definitely have you covered.
  1. Additional places that can’t go unmentioned include:
    1. Kivu resort pool

    Best place if you want a swim and a cheap place to take your family and friends for a cheap meal. They also have customs you can rent just in case you forgot to carry your own.

    1. Menegai crater

    It’s basically just a big deep whole but definitely something worth seeing when you have nothing better to do. Please ensure you do not hire a guide here. There’s basically no need as there’s not much to be told. So save you ksh 100 and go for shopping or something.

    1. The mall

    Nice place to chill out and do some light shopping in Nakumatt. There’s also Aga khan hospital here a famous hospital in Kenya. A java (most popular Kenyan restaurant chain). So anything you require this place has you completely covered.


Travel to Mombasa with 6k

Its amazing the things you can do with only ksh 6000 in Mombasa for a full three day journey.

To enjoy this you will require the following.

  1. An phone with strong internet access
  2. KSH 6000 in cash
  3. a good personality and positive attitude.

Step one.

Go to the website airbnb, type in Mombasa and choose the cheapest accommodation you can find for ksh 1000 t0 1200

A simple airbnb room for only ksh 1000 The room comes with a minifridge and tiny kitchen t

A simple airbnb room for only ksh 1000 The room comes with a mini fridge and tiny kitchen

Ensure the room does not come with extra costs such as cleaning fees and security deposits. Also ensure the room in a convenient location preferably within the city center, Nyali or Chuda areas.

Call the host in advance once you established your days and place a booking for two days.

Step 2 

Now that we have got accomodation down time to establish our transportation.

Go to the Modern coast website or stage on your transportation day and book your desired bus. Because of our limited time I’d recommend booking the ksh 1000 bus and travelling form 10 pm to 7 am the next day and book the same for the return day.

Ensure you have sufficient charge in your phone or carry a power bank in case you end up in a bus with no charging facilities.

Step 3 

Now that we have traveled and we have already spent ksh 3000 means we only have around ksh 1500 to stretch over the next two days.

First do some light shopping of food, since your cooking for yourself in your room . Buy purely essentials and be careful not to exceed ksh 500.

That leaves us with ksh 1500 to blow around on transport and non essentials.

A bottle of beer in most places is 200 – 300 so if your there for a night out you can have a maximum of three beers. leave an extra 500 in case you want to visit the beach and visit historical sites like fort Jesus where you’ll spend roughly 150-200.

Step 4

Time to go back to Nairobi.

Ensure you book a late flight and sleep through your journey home.



  1. Save money and spend more days .Have a companion or friend and spend less on accommodation. this is due to the fact that 98% of airbnb rooms allow two guests for the price of one. So you have the simple option of sharing a bed and spending around 500 a day each on accommodation.
  2.  Cut food costs by avoiding to eat out. Try cooking your own meals as much as possible in oder to avoid extra costs.
  3. Avoid taxis and opt for public transport. Uber is cheaper in Mombasa but you always want to have the option to pay less. tuk tuk are ksh 50 to all destinations in the city. Public transport to Nyali is less than Ksh 100. So always opt for the two when trying to save money.




Tin Roof Cafe Nairobi

Tin Roof Cafe is a haven in the wilderness. Ever wished you had somewhere to chill out outside Nairobi? Fresh green trees to shade you from the sun or simply somewhere where you can buy Art with no judgement, Tin Roof is the best place for you.

Located in the heart of Karen right next to the The hub, Tin Roof Cafe is the out of town experience in the Town that you crave. It is located within The Souk and has this hippie style American feel that ensures your relaxed to the core. Straight from the cushiony soft seats and the beautiful art its a place to swine over .

It has a vast Array of Menus that are cute and at the same time the healthiest I have seen in Nairobi. Truth be told am always a foodie on a mission but this place made me want to chill out , perhaps have a talk light talk with someone. The coffees which my friend explored are downright cute and full of flavor and at the pocket friendly price of ksh 200-250 while there menu ranges from 450 – 1200 . I enjoyed a Chicken avocado sandwich with extra salad on the side. The sandwich portion was okay not ginormous like I would have loved but delicious all at the same time with the crusts cut to my liking. It took approximately 15 minutes for our food to arrive giving me enough time to explore the art and the bookstore next door.

It borders the best cloth and decor store in the country, No exaggerations the place had the best throw pillows and accessories I’ve seen in a long time and if your a book worm like myself , there’s a free book swap that you can participate and a book store next door if your craving something extra.

In general tin roofs gets a full 4 stars from me minus the one because I was not too crazy about the salad bar. But if you want somewhere to chill and relax with a coffee tin roof should be at the top of your list.

Things I’ve cried about this week (happy tears)

Am a sucker for anything sappy mostly because I tear up at everything. Recently a group of my friends deiced to gang up on me and state all the stupid things I’ve cried about in the past week. Here’s the top three list

  1. My Dogs Recovery   –  I happen to have this beautiful terrier mix dog that is just  adorable. If you don’t believe me ask for pics, like seriously one look and am sure you’ll be a goner. She contracted a stomach infection recently and I was so scared I literally started crying. My boyfriend is used to this craziness and he constantly kept telling me everything will be alright. So on Monday morning I woke up and she was alright, fully recovered and back to normal eating habits. When I called him to inform him I cried so hard he literally thought the dog died. So maybe am overly emotional but given my other dog had just died I believe I get a pass this time.
  2. My fathers decision to sell all the cows   –   I hate cows, almost everything about them disgust me, straight from the annoying moo sounds to the hugeness and the funky smell they spread around. Given that you can imagine how happy I was when my father deiced to sell all the cows in the farm and instead built a resort there. I was so ecstatic I literally cried.
  3. My cousins unexpected pregnancy  –  Barrenness is a condition that haunts me almost everyday. My inability to give birth has being a huge weight on my shoulders and sadly one that I cannot get rid of. Funny thing though is am sure I don’t want a child but the option of getting children someday  is something I wish I could have. Hard to explain but not impossible to understand I hope. My cousin Beatrice had been walking in the same shoes with me for years, Married four more than five years I guess her time finally came. Tthe endless hours in fertility clinics finally bore real results. And I cried after hearing the news. Mostly because it gave me hope.

HIV/AIDS Africa and Volunteers

Everyday I pop into my bathroom for a hot shower and proceed to eat a hearty breakfast. At times I complain when the maid deliveries wakes up late and t times I skip breakfast and instead opt for the two or so more minutes of sleep. Why am I writing this you ask? its because up until recently I never knew how privileged I was.

Am privileged because I am born to the upper middle class. Maybe not the very top crust but definitely the top that gets to have an option and an array of choices. The crust that gets to live its dreams despite its many less than perfect moments. Lucy on the other hand is not so privileged. Born to a reckless father and a HIV positive mother shes what I can call unlucky. Shes the most beautiful if not the kindest hearted little girl I have ever  met. Her skin is flawless to core and her hair so bright that it hides the disease that flows in her veins. She lives in a home now but before that she could not get education or even three meals a day.

Her mother died when she was just two. Unaware of her positive status she breastfeed her and unfortunately she contracted the disease, Her father was so reckless he never sought drugs for her or even bothered to educate her. It took two years for her rescuers to come and by then she was thin and too frail to continue. So by the grace of God or whatever higher power watched over her she recovered but never to the extent of becoming negative. Shes living a better life now, has that hot shower that I long for but carries the disease within her. Every time I look at her am thankful shes alive but am not sure that she is.

Shes constantly asking me what I think of her situation, If really she deserves to pay for her parents transgressions. Deep down I know the disease will always burden her and most of it all I know it was ever her fault but what can I say? ‘am sorry ‘ doesn’t even count in this scenario. Its hard to realize how lucky we are until life shows us that things could really be worse and theres nothing we can do about it.

I think of all the other Lucy’s that didn’t get saved and I tell her she may not know this but she too is one of the lucky ones because really she got her silver lining . So I urge her to be hopeful and to hold on to that hope because in time things will get better.

So to all those homes that rescue little girls like Lucy thank you. Its because of you that all this kids can see tomorrow. Its because of you that am inspired to be a better person. Its really because of you that I have Lucy in my life. So thank you for your work and may everyday you live be better than the last.

Mombasa Travel Guide

Every wanted to explore the sandy beaches of Mombasa? or simply enjoy a moment away from your busy lifestyle? here are some amazing tips on how to make it in Mombasa as a tourist.

    1. Always use Uber                                                                                                                                    Image result for uber  In the coast there a lot of rogue Taxi Operators that are aiming at making the most out of conning tourist who are not adversant with the current rates. So it is essentials to call in an Uber for all your travelling needs as it is standard for all users.
    2. Tuks Tuks are always ksh 50 no in the city no matter the destination  Image result for tuk tuk mombasa                                                                                                                                                                                                 Always be careful to ensure your not conned into paying more
    3. Always Use Jambo Jet or Book via Trip Advisor if you don’t have an agent. Image result for Jambo jetIt is essential to book online and preferably look for your flights at http://www.jambojet.co.ke or http://www.tripadvisor.com to get the cheapest flights available.                  
    4. Always book online                                                                                                                                                                                                                            For your hotel booking I suggest using booking websites as opposed to booking directly from the hotel. This is simply due to the fact that you want to get all the best deals first. so I suggest using http://www.booking.com, http://www.jumiatravel.com or http://www.tripadvisor.com . Compare and contrast the prices and choose the cheapest as they tend to almost always have the same hotel list.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Suggestions:                                                                                                                                                 Image result for pride in nyali Pride inn Nyali prices begin at ksh 4000 a night , walking distance to city mall and 200km to nakumatt Nyali . Image result for voyager mombasaVoyager Hotel prices from ksh 11,000
    5. Explore the local restaurants over room service                                                                       Image result for mombasa galaxy chinese restaurant Galaxy chinese resturant lighthouse mombasa                                                                                                                                                                                                               Mombasa has a lot of hotels to offer that have in restaurants the problem with this is the foods come at a rather high price. So if you have the chance walk around the town and explore some of the local restaurant .                           Suggestions:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 i) Galaxy Chinese Restaurant on Lighthouse 200 meters from the town and 3 km from Nyali  it has the best menus together with a waterfront view that is simply magnificent.                                                                                                                                                                               ii) Pablo’s Pizza Located in north coast it simply has the best assortment of Italian pizzas and a wide array of exquisite Italian dishes.Image result for 10th street mombasa
      There also popular chains like Java House and 10th street located in different places within the city.
    6. Be careful with your items at public beaches                                                                                                                   The public beaches are filled with local tradesmen and at the same time peddlers and thief looking to steal from the locals. So do not be fooled by the looks and always be on the look out.
    7. Nightlife

    Image result for mombasa kenya nightlife

If your looking for a nice place to lay low then there a few options for you like the wide array of casinos and pubs like Bobs which is quite low key until midnight. If clubbing is your fort then you can visit clubs such as Cassablanca and Belavista in the city center but keep an eye out for prostitutes and thieves as clubs tend to be filled with them. Another great destination is Zodiac and Hypnotica in the North Coast. Located in city mall. It certainly more classy and prettier than Casablanca or Belavista.

8. Shopping  

Image result for city mall mombasaMombasa is filled with several shopping malls starting with City mall and Nakumatt Nyali among others. So don’t be scared of shopping as he people are not only honest but eager to help.