Ever wondered if your the only weirdo who had an awkward sex life? I posted several threads on Reddit and craigslist and here are some interesting first time stories and experiences I got.

Names substituted for privacy reasons.

‘I was so buzzed, I remember him saying “Am in, am in” and I was like “get out, that f****ing hurts” later I just calmed down and let him finish. I was totally disappointed.


I did the whole thing sober, I remember setting the mood and buying this scented you f candles kind of like the ones you find at TAC but lower quality. It didn’t hurt so much but there was zero pleasure. I was like that’s it? Why is it so overrated? Long story short, I don’t get the hype that is sex. It’s not really something I hustle over.


My first time sucked. It was with an older man, Almost the same age as my dad. He was nice gave me a wad of cash after , so I guess it wasn’t a complete waste.


Was weird especially thinking about the dynamic. I had to try the entire year because it was difficult. When I broke it, I was so happy it was over. Thought I’d stay a virgin forever.


For a long time, I was happy with anal sex. Thought it was the right way to do it and to be honest I really enjoyed it. Still love it more than the normal way.


I was sad and only did it coz I had to. The guy didn’t really know I was a virgin and was totally shocked. I do regret it but you can’t undo it guess I’ll just have to live with it.


I was 12 had no idea what I was doing. I honestly just wanted to please my boyfriend at the time. Wish I had done things differently but am good now theres no undoing time.


I waited till I found my husband. Don’t know exactly why I waited but I don’t regret waiting.




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