How to lie to men your beautiful

If there’s something every woman likes is to be recognized as, its beautiful. Believe me when I say the worst thing you can do to a woman or basically anyone is call them ugly. I bet only reason  your here is because the tittle made you think this article is more interesting than it really is, so lets get down to the  tips on how to lie to men your beautiful.

  1. Makeup is a girls best friend 

I know One Direction and the endless array of boy-bands that have emphasized on beauty existing without makeup but, I like to believe that is an urban myth. So forget Alicia Keys and her crazy no makeup movement and be a cut above the rest. Contour and highlight your face daily if possible and once in a while tune things up to keep things interesting. Statistics prove that girls without makeup as at best considered cute  so unless your Selma Hayek ensure you pound your face up two to three times a day.



2. Waist Train all the way

When you look  in the mirror and see that extra mass that you detest don’t run to the gym and eat leaves, invest in a waist trainer. There’s a lot that comes with the illusion of being fit starting with motivation to get fit. Its hard trying to feel fit when results come after four weeks. A waist trainer on the other hand gives overnight transformations which in all total honesty are my favorite kind. So the next time you want to look sexy wrap the damn thing around your waist wear your favorite body-con and go out there and find yourself your dream man who has no clue what truly lies underneath.


3. Lace front wigs and clip in hair pieces

I wouldn’t advise anyone to be seen in public without masses of long luscious hair.  The best if not the most advisable way to impress men is to have what others  don’t have. If you don’t have it who says you are not allowed to fake it. So when you need a little self esteem boost or you need to be appreciated more go down to and invest in hair. Get that lovely sixteen inch Mongolian hair or 26′ lace wig and trust me you’ll have a number of vain men after you.



4. Fake personality

No one likes a bitch and if your as vain as I am there’s a 90% chance that you are one. So best way to look attractive is have a good personality and go for the minimalist dress code. So if your inner bitch tries to get out tame it. at the end of the day the only thing that matters is truly how beautiful you are on the inside. So fake inner beauty all the way.


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