I thought marriage meant I’d get mad pussy, constant attention and unlimited love. lets just say I got neither of that.


If you love yourself don’t get married.  She eventually starts seeing you as a moving ATM. The kids want that, the house needs a maid coz I need time, money this , money that and yet she doesn’t make a dime herself.


It added twenty pounds, It seats all day eating and eating. Its like being married to a truck. I swear if it wasn’t for the kids I’d leave without looking back.


I love my wife, she’s amazing and a good mother to my kids. I honestly have never regretted my marriage for even a minute.


Sex is nonexistent and whining has become the order of the day. Its like I have three kids instead of two.

Sad Man

She annoys me all the time. I can’t stand being in her presence. I am planning to get a divorce soon.


She asked me when having sex ‘after you finish can you please switch the bulb in the main bathroom?

Old Man

I’ve been married for thirty years and to be honest I have regretted it for 28 of those years, lets just say marriage is for idiots.

Young and frustrated

Right now shes in the bathroom crying and won’t talk to me. I don’t know what I’ve done but I know whatever stupid thing she did will end up being my fault anyway.


Your making me rethink my wedding plans.

Tired ASF

She’s a good mum, good cook and terrible wife. All she does is milk me for money and recommend over priced schools for our kids. Am up to my neck in debt, work two jobs, while all she does is seat home drinking wine with her friends I swear, I need a new wife at least one who will put out once in a while to relieve this stress.

Honest Monster

Having a wife is like living with a tiger. You never know when she’ll turn around and decide to kill you.





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