I Cheated with a serial cheat

There things that bring in those dark secret desires, at times its loneliness and at times just the strange feeling that someone gets you. It started out funny a straight out of the movie tale. We were on the same line in the departures section in the airport, The line had stopped for some peculiar reason and getting in was a whole lot harder than usual on this particular day. As the sluggish movement continued I got tired and began making sounds ‘your pretty tired huh,” he asked and the rest well I wish I could say was history but sadly it ain’t.

Long story short I got his number but I being the number one advocate for faithfulness intended to keep and never call. I gambled on my three hour flight on weather to call or not, spent an unrealistic amount of time just thinking about my beautiful stranger and what to do with the number.

On arrival I saw the text that started a whole string of emotional cheating. It felt like we were in sync, I don’t know how to describe it but the texts felt natural to me. I connected with him like no other. It was magic for me, a sick addiction that I hopped to never get cured from. I loved him before I met him.

Its insane because he was the kind of guy that would do amazingly sweet things that I craved for.  Text me long hours in the morning and wish me a great day. Take crazy videos when doing dum stuff or simply compliment my horrible hair when it looks like shit. Basically all the corny nonsense my very sensible boyfriend wouldn’t do he did.

I guess that’s why I melted so fast and before I could register what was going on I was in a hotel room with him, hands down and naked doing things that would put perverts to shame. Giving my all to someone I had only met once. In that crazy duration I managed to get a hold of his phone only to find out am not the only one.

He’s smooth from what I gathered on those messages, the best type of  prey that knows the right words to say before going for the kill. One of this many women had gone as far as to put him on her profile picture. I felt like a complete dimwit and sadly knowing all this about him only made me want him more.

I know am an idiot and being a CEO of my own semi successful company I should not need gratification from a man but sadly I do.  I  just feel a constant urge to prove to him that am worthy of him so I seek him out even when he’s clearly avoiding me. I crave for him all the time a sure reason that am insane. I’d literally stop time for him if I could. I guess for the first time in my life I understand Bruno Mars’s Grenade.

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