Recently I deiced to Yolo in the literal sense of it and explore the sandy beaches of Mombasa. In quite a reckless deminour I booked an impromptu late flight at JKIA . I arrived in Moi international airport at around 7;50pm with no hotel pre-booked hotel or accommodation plans.

Being an internet addict I immediately took to my phone and typed hotel deals Mombasa. Trip advisor was the first to pop up on my screen and I began looking for offers and comparing prices between Jovango (now jumia travel ) and At the end of the day Jovago won me over as they were ksh 3000 cheaper than for Voyager hotel.

After calling getting into an Uber I arrived the hotel at around 8:50pm and was welcomed into the reception by some of the friendliest staff I have ever had the pleasure to meet. After confirming my booking I was let into the beautiful yet crazy fancy room.

Are we on a ship? was the first question I asked myself after stepping into the room. Straight from the big glassy balcony to the oval mirrors the room was sheer perfection and if am to be honest worth the hefty price. I was in awe at how marvelous it was . The view from the balcony was not only magnificent but to die for and that is me putting things lightly. It was the perfect finish to a long stressful day and Laying on the fluffy pillows that night was definitely the highlight of my day.

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When I explored the outside an instant Caribbean feel hit me, straight from the architecture to the big luscious pool. I felt like I was on the Pacific or somewhere far more exotic.

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Pool with hotel view courtesy of jumia travel

On top of things voyageur has the best hotel bar and restaurant that you need to get your vacation groove on. For me it was an all round experience and for that they get a full 4 stars for me minus the one because they wouldn’t let me stay for free.

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Beach bar

So if your looking for a nice luxurious experience in Mombasa I would definitely recommend  voyageur as not only is it the best but one of the most pocket friendly you’ll ever find.

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