Buttered Chicken recipe

There’s something about Indian food that tingles my taste buds. Over the past few months I can’t seem to get enough of it . Here is a simple way to make butter chicken with little to no ingredients. Prep Time… Continue Reading

Nakuru Travel Guide

When it comes to lakes in Kenya I have to admit Lake Nakuru takes the cake. Located just before the city the lake is surrounded by the Lake Nakuru National Park which is well known for its population of 300+… Continue Reading

Travel to Mombasa with 6k

Its amazing the things you can do with only ksh 6000 in Mombasa for a full three day journey. To enjoy this you will require the following. An phone with strong internet access KSH 6000 in cash a good personality… Continue Reading

Tin Roof Cafe Nairobi

Tin Roof Cafe is a haven in the wilderness. Ever wished you had somewhere to chill out outside Nairobi? Fresh green trees to shade you from the sun or simply somewhere where you can buy Art with no judgement, Tin… Continue Reading

Things I’ve cried about this week (happy tears)

Am a sucker for anything sappy mostly because I tear up at everything. Recently a group of my friends deiced to gang up on me and state all the stupid things I’ve cried about in the past week. Here’s the… Continue Reading

HIV/AIDS Africa and Volunteers

Everyday I pop into my bathroom for a hot shower and proceed to eat a hearty breakfast. At times I complain when the maid deliveries wakes up late and t times I skip breakfast and instead opt for the two… Continue Reading

Mombasa Travel Guide

Every wanted to explore the sandy beaches of Mombasa? or simply enjoy a moment away from your busy lifestyle? here are some amazing tips on how to make it in Mombasa as a tourist. Always use Uber      … Continue Reading