HIV/AIDS Africa and Volunteers

Everyday I pop into my bathroom for a hot shower and proceed to eat a hearty breakfast. At times I complain when the maid deliveries wakes up late and t times I skip breakfast and instead opt for the two or so more minutes of sleep. Why am I writing this you ask? its because up until recently I never knew how privileged I was.

Am privileged because I am born to the upper middle class. Maybe not the very top crust but definitely the top that gets to have an option and an array of choices. The crust that gets to live its dreams despite its many less than perfect moments. Lucy on the other hand is not so privileged. Born to a reckless father and a HIV positive mother shes what I can call unlucky. Shes the most beautiful if not the kindest hearted little girl I have ever  met. Her skin is flawless to core and her hair so bright that it hides the disease that flows in her veins. She lives in a home now but before that she could not get education or even three meals a day.

Her mother died when she was just two. Unaware of her positive status she breastfeed her and unfortunately she contracted the disease, Her father was so reckless he never sought drugs for her or even bothered to educate her. It took two years for her rescuers to come and by then she was thin and too frail to continue. So by the grace of God or whatever higher power watched over her she recovered but never to the extent of becoming negative. Shes living a better life now, has that hot shower that I long for but carries the disease within her. Every time I look at her am thankful shes alive but am not sure that she is.

Shes constantly asking me what I think of her situation, If really she deserves to pay for her parents transgressions. Deep down I know the disease will always burden her and most of it all I know it was ever her fault but what can I say? ‘am sorry ‘ doesn’t even count in this scenario. Its hard to realize how lucky we are until life shows us that things could really be worse and theres nothing we can do about it.

I think of all the other Lucy’s that didn’t get saved and I tell her she may not know this but she too is one of the lucky ones because really she got her silver lining . So I urge her to be hopeful and to hold on to that hope because in time things will get better.

So to all those homes that rescue little girls like Lucy thank you. Its because of you that all this kids can see tomorrow. Its because of you that am inspired to be a better person. Its really because of you that I have Lucy in my life. So thank you for your work and may everyday you live be better than the last.

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