Things I’ve cried about this week (happy tears)

Am a sucker for anything sappy mostly because I tear up at everything. Recently a group of my friends deiced to gang up on me and state all the stupid things I’ve cried about in the past week. Here’s the top three list

  1. My Dogs Recovery   –  I happen to have this beautiful terrier mix dog that is just  adorable. If you don’t believe me ask for pics, like seriously one look and am sure you’ll be a goner. She contracted a stomach infection recently and I was so scared I literally started crying. My boyfriend is used to this craziness and he constantly kept telling me everything will be alright. So on Monday morning I woke up and she was alright, fully recovered and back to normal eating habits. When I called him to inform him I cried so hard he literally thought the dog died. So maybe am overly emotional but given my other dog had just died I believe I get a pass this time.
  2. My fathers decision to sell all the cows   –   I hate cows, almost everything about them disgust me, straight from the annoying moo sounds to the hugeness and the funky smell they spread around. Given that you can imagine how happy I was when my father deiced to sell all the cows in the farm and instead built a resort there. I was so ecstatic I literally cried.
  3. My cousins unexpected pregnancy  –  Barrenness is a condition that haunts me almost everyday. My inability to give birth has being a huge weight on my shoulders and sadly one that I cannot get rid of. Funny thing though is am sure I don’t want a child but the option of getting children someday  is something I wish I could have. Hard to explain but not impossible to understand I hope. My cousin Beatrice had been walking in the same shoes with me for years, Married four more than five years I guess her time finally came. Tthe endless hours in fertility clinics finally bore real results. And I cried after hearing the news. Mostly because it gave me hope.

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