Tin Roof Cafe Nairobi

Tin Roof Cafe is a haven in the wilderness. Ever wished you had somewhere to chill out outside Nairobi? Fresh green trees to shade you from the sun or simply somewhere where you can buy Art with no judgement, Tin Roof is the best place for you.

Located in the heart of Karen right next to the The hub, Tin Roof Cafe is the out of town experience in the Town that you crave. It is located within The Souk and has this hippie style American feel that ensures your relaxed to the core. Straight from the cushiony soft seats and the beautiful art its a place to swine over .

It has a vast Array of Menus that are cute and at the same time the healthiest I have seen in Nairobi. Truth be told am always a foodie on a mission but this place made me want to chill out , perhaps have a talk light talk with someone. The coffees which my friend explored are downright cute and full of flavor and at the pocket friendly price of ksh 200-250 while there menu ranges from 450 – 1200 . I enjoyed a Chicken avocado sandwich with extra salad on the side. The sandwich portion was okay not ginormous like I would have loved but delicious all at the same time with the crusts cut to my liking. It took approximately 15 minutes for our food to arrive giving me enough time to explore the art and the bookstore next door.

It borders the best cloth and decor store in the country, No exaggerations the place had the best throw pillows and accessories I’ve seen in a long time and if your a book worm like myself , there’s a free book swap that you can participate and a book store next door if your craving something extra.

In general tin roofs gets a full 4 stars from me minus the one because I was not too crazy about the salad bar. But if you want somewhere to chill and relax with a coffee tin roof should be at the top of your list.


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