Top 5 most Influential Kenyan Women

The saying women are the backbone of the economy has always sounded more appealing to me than the saying, behind every strong man there’s a woman. Here are some women who clearly don’t need men to complement their success.

  1. NJOKI NDUNGUImage result for njoki ndungu husband

Originally from a posh but not so happy background. Njoki Ndugu’s road to power was never an easy one. She came to fame during her reign as a nominated MP when she repealed the sexual offences Act and ensured the culprits got enough sentences to match their crimes. A strong Advocate of the My dress my choice movement and the first ever female supreme court judge, Njoki Ndugu has proven to be one of the influential women  in not only Kenya but the entire African Region.




2. Caroline Mutoko

Image result for caroline mutoko

It’s not possible to  mention successful women in Kenya and leave out Caroline Mutuko’. Caroline Mutoko is the managing director of The Star and weekly contributor in the same newspaper. She is also a respected marketer as well as a Radio Presenter. Caroline is rumored to be one of the most paid people in Kenya with an estimated seven figure salary. Due to her well known social standing she is a sort after speaker in feminism forums and a mentor under the Safaricom Blaze platform. With such strong attributes shes surely one of Kenyans most respected female personalities.


Image result for huddah monroe

Famous for her physical features and strong entrepreneurial skills, Huddah definitely makes the list. With  a following of more than a million people on all social media networks in Kenya Huddah is definitely a top trend setter among millennials. Originally from a humble background, she has managed to rise and become one of the entrepreneurs through her Huddah cosmetics line. She is definitely one to watch out for in the coming years.


Image result for joy kendi

One of the most sort after bloggers in Kenya Joy Kendi definitely makes the cut and is fourth on our list. With huge brands like Decaons and LC Wakiki under her belt, shes definitely what all Kenyan fashion and lifestyle bloggers hope to be . A mixture of beauty and brains Joy Kendi is one of the most influential persons on Kenyan social media with an estimated reach of more than 4000 people on a single post. With such a following it’s clear to see why shes a top influencer in Kenya.


Image result for margaret kenyatta

Kenya’s very own first lady comes out as a powerhouse in the country. Through serious projects like the Beyond Zero Movement, The first lady Marathon and the Jiggers campaign its clear to see why she lands a spot on our list. She’s what most call a female with brains to spare due to the huge achievements under her belt. Through her various charities she has managed to save thousands of children and mothers through her free maternity initiative and rescue a number of people living in Jigger infested areas. She’s definitely a woman with power and enough standing to be a top influencer in the country and beyond.



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