A lot of people probably don’t know this but several designers have made Kenya their primary source of inspiration. Local shops with unique brand names are cropping up every day and taking the world by storm. Here are to name a few that are stunning to the hilt.

  1. Sand and Storm Kenya


Ever since I started my own little SME I’ve run into their page several times by what you can call ‘accident’. Their leather bags and accessories are timeless, well-tailored and in my own words amazing. With six stores in Nairobi and Kenya at large they bring to the market a wide selection of canvas and leather bags to fit your work, school or general backpacking adventures. There definitely a power house, a classy combination of made in Kenya and timeless elegance. A definite top house to watch out  for in the emerging fashion and design field in Kenya. You can find them on and get your own timeless piece.

  1. Zuri Kenya


Fantastic does not even cover what I think about Zuri Kenya. Their instagram page takes you through the entire creative process and yes, I mean everything. Known for their spotty and fun kitenge mix dresses Zuri Kenya is the kind of shop you stop by when you want something cute and funky and at the same time want to support the Kenyan industry. Made by the famous Soko Kenya Zuri Kenya provides high end local clothing without killing the local culture in the process. You can check out their page on and support the Kenyan industry.


3. Lalesso

Mwisho Swimsuit 2.jpgLooking for something spontaneous and fun that is both cultural and classy? Then look no further because Lalesso has got you. With the cutestest printed bikini mesh work Lalesso is definitely an emerging fashion giant in the African market. You can find them on




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