Travel to Mombasa with 6k

Its amazing the things you can do with only ksh 6000 in Mombasa for a full three day journey.

To enjoy this you will require the following.

  1. An phone with strong internet access
  2. KSH 6000 in cash
  3. a good personality and positive attitude.

Step one.

Go to the website airbnb, type in Mombasa and choose the cheapest accommodation you can find for ksh 1000 t0 1200

A simple airbnb room for only ksh 1000 The room comes with a minifridge and tiny kitchen t

A simple airbnb room for only ksh 1000 The room comes with a mini fridge and tiny kitchen

Ensure the room does not come with extra costs such as cleaning fees and security deposits. Also ensure the room in a convenient location preferably within the city center, Nyali or Chuda areas.

Call the host in advance once you established your days and place a booking for two days.

Step 2 

Now that we have got accomodation down time to establish our transportation.

Go to the Modern coast website or stage on your transportation day and book your desired bus. Because of our limited time I’d recommend booking the ksh 1000 bus and travelling form 10 pm to 7 am the next day and book the same for the return day.

Ensure you have sufficient charge in your phone or carry a power bank in case you end up in a bus with no charging facilities.

Step 3 

Now that we have traveled and we have already spent ksh 3000 means we only have around ksh 1500 to stretch over the next two days.

First do some light shopping of food, since your cooking for yourself in your room . Buy purely essentials and be careful not to exceed ksh 500.

That leaves us with ksh 1500 to blow around on transport and non essentials.

A bottle of beer in most places is 200 – 300 so if your there for a night out you can have a maximum of three beers. leave an extra 500 in case you want to visit the beach and visit historical sites like fort Jesus where you’ll spend roughly 150-200.

Step 4

Time to go back to Nairobi.

Ensure you book a late flight and sleep through your journey home.



  1. Save money and spend more days .Have a companion or friend and spend less on accommodation. this is due to the fact that 98% of airbnb rooms allow two guests for the price of one. So you have the simple option of sharing a bed and spending around 500 a day each on accommodation.
  2.  Cut food costs by avoiding to eat out. Try cooking your own meals as much as possible in oder to avoid extra costs.
  3. Avoid taxis and opt for public transport. Uber is cheaper in Mombasa but you always want to have the option to pay less. tuk tuk are ksh 50 to all destinations in the city. Public transport to Nyali is less than Ksh 100. So always opt for the two when trying to save money.




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